The purpose of TEKFA and what we do

What is TEKFA?

We are an engineer company with our own production unit within the field of weighing, handling, and dosing of powders and granules, which is illustrated below.

  • TEKFAs workshop is stainless - If a solution for example includes a stand in lacquered black steel or a working platform in galvanized steel, this will be made by one of our subcontractors.
  • TEKFA also manufacture non-sanitary solutions in stainless steel. If a customer does not need natural drain, easy cleaning etc. this would be a cost-efficient solution.
  • TEKFA obviously has a broad variety of standard solutions, but often find that customers have special circumstances, especially regarding installation conditions, which means that the solution must be customized. TEKFA constantly customize its solutions to customer specifications, which is why we have a quite sizeable engineering department (“CAD”).
  • TEKFA has developed our own SCADA software called TekfaVision, which collects operational data, stores the data in SQL databases and manages and visualizes production. At TEKFA, we believe that our SCADA is far better than PLC-based solutions, as it is PC-based, which makes it easy to add components, track data, customize settings, etc. If you have weighed something other than powders or granules, for example beehives or containers, then TEKFA can also handle that - especially when data subsequently has to be moved around and stored.

This organizational structure dates to TEKFA's early days in the 1980s, when TEKFA produced Denmark's first belt weight approved for trade. Good dosing is in fact far from being just a matter of good load cells but is in fact rather a question of building a system, that can collect and use its own operating data with strong reliability, so that the final dosing is in control.

In short:

  1. TEKFA supply everything from load cells and weight instruments to stand-alone units and total "turn-key" production facilities.
  2. TEKFA is the obvious supplier, if you are in need for input and/or the skillsets mastered within the four professions that TEKFA covers.
  3. With a complete production facility supplied by TEKFA, you as a customer (and TEKFA as a supplier) avoid having to deal with a lot of challenging and complex interfaces. This is unique.


Tekfa delivers process equipment for use in the food industry in compliance with Danish and European legislation, including EHEDG standards, ISO 9001 and Regulation EC 1935/2004. In addition, we deliver production facilities in compliance with the ATEX 2014/34/EU directive. All our daily processes and work rest on the framework of our internal quality manual, which was written in accordance with ISO standards.

Tekfa is registered at the Danish regional food authority as an importer and manufacturer of materials/articles intended for contact with food as described in BEK 1356 about authorization and registration of food businesses etc. TEKFA has been awarded an Elite Smiley from the Danish Environment and Food Administration.

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