Here you can find an extract of some of the different projects we have been involved in.

Big bag filling

Our client within the food industry needed a quick and efficient big bag filling after spray drying. It had to be automatic, hygienic and most importantly have a low construction height |

Food | Turn-key powder mixing plant

Mixing plant for food production - Big Bag, Sack tipping unit, receiving cyclone, small ingredient scale, mixer |

Dairy | Milk powder plant

A danish dairy wanted to change their production from manual to automatic mixing of various powders for recombined milk products |

Powder handling

Powder handling = Dosing, weighing, mixing and transport og powder |

Container Weighing System

Instant weighing of container while the straddle carrier Kalmar ESC 350 transports the container from A to B at the container terminal including communica-tion with their TOS system N4 Navis |

Power Plant | Fuel allocator

Our customer wanted a solution with low maintenance costs and special focus on ATEX. Therefore, the belt weigher was built into a cylinder |