Take a look at some of our costumer cases and projects

Dairy | Ice cream production

A Norwegian ice cream dairy needed to renew their powder mixing plant with a focus on capacity and cross-contamination |

Plant Protein | Turn-key powder mixing plant

Mixing plant for food production - Big Bag, Sack tipping unit, receiving cyclone, small ingredient scale, mixer |

Dairy | Milk powder plant

A danish dairy wanted to change their production from manual to automatic mixing of various powders for recombined milk products |

Big Bag | Automated filling station

Our client within the food industry needed a quick and efficient big bag filling after spray drying. It had to be automatic, hygienic and most importantly have a low construction height |

Powder flow | Powder handling

Powder handling = Dosing, weighing, mixing and transport og powder |

Container Weighing | Straddle carrier

Instant weighing of container while the Straddle carrier Kalmar ESC 350 transports the container from A to B at the container terminal including communica-tion with their TOS system N4 Navis |

Power Plant | Fuel allocator

Our customer wanted a solution with low maintenance costs and special focus on ATEX. Therefore, the belt weigher was built into a cylinder |

Dosing | Facility i Egypt

Tekfa's delivery consisted of bag feeders, big bag ... with built-in crane, cyclones, filters, vacuum lifters and five vacuum transport lines with vacuum pumps.

Food - Pharma - Biogas - Brick factories and many more...

Explore some of the projects and cases that TEKFA has worked with over time dealing with powder handling, including dosing, mixing, transport and weighing. We have selected a few but have quite a few to choose from after over 30 years working with powder handling. We have helped customers with powder dosing, powder transport and weighing solutions - both micro dosing and weighing, dust-tight emptying of bags, stand-alone dosing and weighing units, Big Bag emptying stations and filling stations, as well as complete turnkey powder mixing plants.

Products ➡️ Powders and granules

Within the food industry, we have worked with dairies around milk powder, ice cream and cheese mixes, producers of potato flour, jam factories, juice producers, producers of plant-based drinks and foods, spice mixes for liver pâté, dosage of sugar and wheat starch for marzipan – just to name a few. In many cases, there has been a great focus on ease of cleaning, use of EN 1.301/AISI 304 steel or EN 1.4401/AISI 316 steel, dust tightness, working environment and ergonomics.

In addition, we have also helped manufacturers of washing powder, road striping paint, egg trays, water supply companies, battery production, brick factories and container weighing to name a few.

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