Big bag filling

Automatic, hygienic and low construction height

After spray drying, the customer wanted a quick and efficient big bag filling. Mostly a reversing auger or a Y-pipe with a two-way valve is used, where simultaneously the full big bag is exchanged with an empty, while the other big bag is being filled.

However, the problems with augers and Y-pipes are partly that they require significant extra construction height, which sometimes is an impossibility and sometimes just uneconomical, and partly the problem is that both augers and two-way valves cannot always be considered sanitary.

Tekfa delivered a unit with two filling stations, where the big bags in turns automatically were moved in under the outlet of the spray dryer/the inlet of the filling.

All in all, the customer was provided with a sanitary and automatic solution while maintaining the lowest possible construction height. In addition to this, Tekfa also provided both light grids for the sake of work safety and an automatic sampling for traceability and documentation in relation to production quality.


Benefits for the customer

  • Automatic big bag filling
  • Hygiene
  • Low construction height
  • Occupational safety
  • Traceability and quality control