En Big Bag discharge station - all inclusive!

This was a request from one of our customers within the production of dairy products when they approached TEKFA regarding optimization of their production facilities in Sweden.

The customer needed 3 pieces of Big Bag discharge stations which met all conceivable and unimaginable situations where production could stop, the powder could accumulate, etc., as well as improve working environment and working positions.
The final solution contained the following:

  • Big Bag stand in a proper design suitable for the food industry with product-affected parts in stainless steel EN 1.4401 / AISI 316 and with a surface roughness of less than 0.8 µm
  • Good ergonomics for the operator: safety gate, work platform, dust extraction in a closed funnel, hoist, etc.
  • Dust extraction around the Bigbag outlet
  • Dustproof discharge of the BigBag with safety lock when changing the BigBag
    - safety lock: closed funnel with a dust-tight connection of the BigBag's outlet, which means that there is no risk of getting foreign objects in the production during the change of BigBag and no dust
  • Safety sight (lump breaker, oversize sorting, foreign objects)
  • Safety magnet: The powder runs through a magnetic maze (magnetic foreign objects)
  • Pneumatic powder transport below rotary gate feeder
  • Airlock rotary gate feeder with self-cleaning filter and powder reflux during pneumatic conveying - which ensures good and stable pneumatic conveying
  • Crane track which ensures good handling of the BigBag and contributes to a good discharge
  • Vibration plate below the Bigbag which also ensures a sucessfull discharge
  • Weighing of the BigBag both with content before dosing and while monitoring the discharge.
  • EU directives: 1935/2004, ATEX, 2002/72 and others.


These Big Bag discharge stations contain more parts than what is commonly seen, which is ofcourse reflected in the prize. But what does the plant cost in its total operating time (cost-of-life)?

In this particular production plant, we see a typical example that the customer has optimized their economy. It is always a pleasure to deliver an order that optimizes a business in several areas.