TEKFA supports our clients

- while we keep a distance

TEKFA stands together – by staying apart

At Tekfa we take our precautions in relation to the situation that Denmark, as well as the rest of the world, are in caused by covid-19. And it is going well with “standing together by staying apart” – and as a bonus we have become super users of Skype!

We take following precautions:

  • Tekfa follows the instruction given by the authorities
  • Every employee with the possibility to work from home does so, in order to limit the number of people at the office
  • Employees, who are at risk for various reasons, are working from home indefinitely
  • All employees working from Aarhusvej 201, will each be working from separate offices
  • We ship orders one day per week in order to limit the number of people entering and leaving the company
  • Goods receipt / dispatch takes place without personal contact (if possible)
  • We have placed hand sanitizers in various places in the company and the recommendations of the National Board of Health are followed
  • We do not eat together in the canteen
  • Meetings are held over Skype or phone as far as possible

Our sales staff are ready on phone, email and Skype to give advice and take your orders. The same goes for our project managers and technical drafters. Accounting can be contacted either by phone or invoice@tekfa.dk.

The workshop is also running at full capacity, and the same goes for our service technicians, who are ready by the phone and can move out if needed. This is of course done following the authorities’ recommendations.

We are currently receiving goods from suppliers in both Denmark and the rest of Europe without major delays. At the same time, we also have several products in stock for delivery within 1-2 working days. However, some items may have longer delivery time than usual.

Feel free to contact us at +45 8694 6700 or tekfa@tekfa.dk for information on delivery time of products relevant to your business. We are also ready to answer questions by email or phone about ongoing or new projects in relation to corona / covid-19. Contact one of our employees for more information.