Powder handling


We have gathered product knowledge since 1975, from the many industries in which our solutions are a part of the production process. We produce equipment for dosing and weighing powders or granules in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, energy industry and others.

Often there is a special need to take into consideration, which among others include:

  • Building measurements
  • Special properties of the powder or granules (forming bridge, adhesive, running lightly, hygiene requirements, ATEX etc.)
  • Dosing requirements
  • Control requirements for IT, transmitting, control unit
  • Data and documentation requirements

Customized projects

This is why most projects include an essential element of customization– which we do not believe can be looked past. Here is an example of a typical system solution, where the customer has two emptying units, a micro-weighing of three different small components and a tipping unit. The conveying is carried out via a vacuum string into two receiver cyclones. It should be mention that the customer in this project was a food producer and that considerations about hygiene played an important role:

The bigbag discharge unit feeds into the vacuum string via a rotary valve. Alternatively, in many cases, if a more accurate dosing is desired, an auger would be used.
The bigbag discharger is equipped with a rubber diaphragm (in this case of EPDM-rubber as the customer was a food producer). Through this diaphragm the bigbag’s nozzle ends tightly, thereby avoiding dust emission into the room. Moreover, it is cheaper to produce than a stainless-steel plate.

The small component weight is placed at the far left of the platform and is used for fine dosing. This is a unique solution, developed by Tekfa and sold all over the world. In this sanitary solution it is equipped with special nylon bearings. Nylon does not rust and therefore there is no risk of contamination.

The tipping unit is designed so that cleaning can be done all the way around when cleaning on the inside. The disadvantage is of course, that the tipping unit thereby is dimensioned a little smaller than one would do under other circumstances.

The cyclones at the far right was also customized. Usually the filter is placed at the top of a cyclone. A regular filter flush with compressed air, i.e. the powder from the filter is flushed off at the top and falls down into the bottom of the cyclone). With this customer, who produces baby food, there could be no risk of filter residue entering the material. Therefore, the filter is placed at the far left, from which there are discharge to a bigbag.

The facility has, of course, also got a control unit, which is not shown in the drawing. Tekfa provided both control and the last important component: software.

Tekfa’s software (or SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is especially designed for handling and dosing of powder / granules. One of the key points of good dosage is that electronics and physics must integrate and support each other. And the procedures in those tasks are standard in Tekfa’s SCADA system, which we call TekfaVision.

Contact our sales department for a talk about the possibilities for your company, take a closer look at our System Engineering brochure and dive into some of the cases we have previously worked on here at Tekfa.


  • Baby food
  • Spices, salt and sugar
  • Milk powder and flavorings
  • Plastic granules and plastic powders
  • Plaster, cement, fly ash, quartz, kaolin and lime
  • Starch products, potato powder and potato and wheat flour
  • And many more - Is your product next on the list?

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OEM solutions

Tekfa also has strong partnerships with international OEM suppliers in our field, which means that we can also supply special solutions within:

  • Auger powder filling for bags and buckets
  • Powder mixer for mixing dry solids in high hygiene environments based on air guns.
  • Drying units for concentrating powder from liquids
  • Food units for dispensing difficult products
  • Sifters and separation units for solids

Test facilities

At Tekfa we have several test facilities where we, under different conditions, can perform tests on our customers powders and/or granules. The test center includes a vacuum transport system, a dense phase transport system and several different auger and vibrator solutions for transport and dosing.

In addition, Tekfa has since its beginning in 1975 gradually built up a quite extensive product database of previously tested products. This database is an essential part of any project as it otherwise is easy to mis-calculate the solutions.

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