Big Bag filling station

Tekfa has extensive experience in producing FIBC filling stations, and has delivered units for various industries such as the chemical industry and food industry. The filling station is a costumized construction depending on each client's requirements. In general it consists of a series of standard modules with optional accessories.

Big Bag or FIBC systems are made either as simple standalone units or as combinations of several units where, e.g. alternately filling of Big Bags takes place in first one, then the other unit.
Big bag filling stations are used for handling and weighing of especially powders and granules. It is possible to build the filling stations as dust tight units and to various Big Bag sizes.

  • Open or dust-tight filling
  • Mobile or stationary unit
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L or304
  • Ergonomic, automatic solution possible - contact us for further information
    Possibility to easily switch between filling heads e.g. between inflatable bellows, totebin and ring for filling spout- contact us for more information
  • Available for purchase and sale in compliance with OIML R76

A simple standard Big Bag filling station includes:

Dustproof filling

The bigbag’s filling spout is wrapped around an inflatable bellow, which is inflated, tightened, and closed off, so that dust cannot escape. The breath filter ensures that excess air can escape.


4 weighing cells, 1 collection box and 1 weighing instrument. TEKFA's standard is OIML units, where the weighing can be approved for trade. In addition, an antistatic flexible transition is built-in at the inlet.

Vibrating bottom frame

Helps the powder distribute evenly in the big bag

Control panel

Alternatively, you connect the weighing instrument and compressed air to your own system.

Inflating the bigbag before filling

This solves the problem with folds in the big bag getting caught and getting stuck.

Stainless steel AISI 304 is standard

Acid-resistant stainless steel, AISI 316, is not standard, but can easily be delivered. However, the delivery time depends on how busy  TEKFA's workshop is.