Sack Tipping Station

A sack tipping station is a simple method for manual emptying of sacks, bags etc. while controlling the dust emissions caused during unloading as part of a powder mixing plant.

Tekfa supplies Sack Tipping Stations in many different designs. The most popular sack tipping station especially among Tekfa's customers in the food industry and shown on the above picture is characterized by:

  • Ease to clean - with an outstretched arm you can carry a cloth all the way around the inside of the sack tipping station
  • Grill to support the sack, bag etc.
  • Gas dampers: make sure that the door opens correctly everytime
  • The surface roughness is better than 0.8 µm
  • The Sack Tipping Station can easily be supplied with both vibrator and fluidizing nozzles. These tools are used to bring dead powder to life.
  • Dust extraction: Can be done automatically, so that the dust extraction is automatically switched on, when the door is opened. Note the easy principle of replacing the dust filter cartridges.
  • The unit can be equipped with load cells and connected to e.g. MES / SCADA.
  • On the unit in the picture above, a level sensor is inserted in the bottom. If you use different powders and you do not know the density of the powders, the level sensor can tell if the Sack Tipping Station is empty/full.
  • The Sack Tipping Station can also be equipped with a magnetic catcher to capture magnetic materials.
  • The outlet can be made for a auger, rotary gate feeder, vacuum valve etc. (customers choise)